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Protecting Your Business and Employees in a Remote Working World

A major effect of the pandemic has been to increase organisations’ dependence on remote access to systems and data.  This could range from a full-blown e-commerce environment replacing bricks and mortar to employees working from home, or a simple opening up of corporate systems to remote access. This fundamental changeRead More

Bring Your Own Device: Balancing Security and Convenience

The rise of digital convergence has brought significant changes to the IT environment in its wake. There are heavy budgetary pressures on IT to do more with less. All in the backdrop of increasingly virulent and sophisticated malware threats. One potential solution has been for IT to relax its previousRead More

Tips on How to be Productive when Working From Home

The concept of substituting a desk in a communal office with a desk at home has gained significant momentum in recent years.  When you are crawling along in heavy traffic or crammed into the 7.20 am commuter special,  the prospect of stumbling out of bed much later than you didRead More

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