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How To Protect Your IT Infrastructure in the Event of Unexpected Downtime

Today, businesses are reliant on having their IT systems up and running as close to 100% of the time as possible. For some businesses, especially online retail businesses, losing customer access to IT systems can be fatal. Ensuring that IT systems are always available, or at least, have known downtimesRead More

Digital Transformation: What is it and why is it important?

Digital transformation and the business transformation it generates It has been around in one form or another for over ten years.  There are many definitions of what Digital Transformation actually is, and how it affects businesses that apply it to their organisations. Simply put, digital transformation is the integration ofRead More

5 Computer Problems You Can Solve Without Calling an IT Help

Ask users what their pet peeve about an IT Helpdesk is and they will say firstly waiting for their call to be answered, and second, it is something they could have fixed themselves if they only knew how.  If you were to ask an IT Helpdesk what their pet hateRead More

6 common IT problems you can solve yourself without calling an IT Support Team

6 common IT problems you can solve yourself without calling an IT Support Team

ICT like medicine and law has its own language, seemingly designed to create an air of mystery and uncertainty that prevents the average user from doing things for themselves.  A lot of common IT problems can be sorted quickly before calling for IT Technical Support.  All you need is aRead More

Five mistakes Managed Serviced Providers should avoid

Outsourcing of the IT function has been common for many years, usually with an objective of managing operational costs or spinning off non-core business functions.   A class of service providers, a Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) has grown up to meet client’s outsourcing needs. As with any other business, an MSPRead More

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