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5 Top Things to Know About Microsoft Teams

The increase in remote working and remote access to corporate systems in recent years has brought about a significant increase in importance of online collaborative applications in the general business and systems development environments. Having dispersed and remote project teams brings challenges to team communications, and this is where applicationsRead More

Why Two or More Monitors are Better When Working

It has been possible to use more than one monitor on a desktop device since its inception.  Additional monitor hardware cards and software/screen switches allowed at least two monitors per desktop unit. Laptops routinely have an additional monitor port, and software apps allow full-size monitors to be used with smartRead More

3 Tips in Planning Your IT Budget Ahead of Time

The IT function is under more pressure today than ever. The shape of business is changing, resulting in demands for new and improved IT facilities. These include support for remote working, increased information and systems security and perhaps a move to an e-commerce cloud base. Simply put, this has meantRead More

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a New IT Provider

In recent years, the effects of the pandemic on local and global economies and the consequent shifts in consumer behaviour have turned many an IT development plan into a survival plan constrained by a tight budget.  Outsourcing can bring stability to operational costs and reduce pressure on capital expenditure byRead More

How to be Proactive with the Security of your Business

Many commentators, including the  FBI, have noted that the frequency and virulence of malware and other bad actor attacks have increased over the last two years.  Ransomware has become a major threat.  IT Security, both for home and business networks, has become a major part of any IT Strategy. ItRead More

4 Best Practices in Managing Team Collaboration Apps

The move to remote working and working from home recently has thrown the use of Cloud Solutions into sharp focus. One consequence has been the loss of the collaborative opportunities offered by office-based work. In turn, this has meant increasing the use of Cloud-based collaborative solutions such as Microsoft TeamsRead More

5 Ways UCaaS Helps Hybrid Work From Home

Two seismic shifts in the workplace have happened over the last two or three years, both related to the pandemic. The first, driven by lockdowns was a move to work-from-home and remote working.  The second was a move to e-commerce as businesses saw foot-traffic fall away as malls and retailRead More

3 Ways AI Can Boost a Modern-day Business

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”)  has received a lot of media attention.  The popular view comes from films like “Terminator” and “I Robot”, but the reality is that it has wormed its way into business to become an integral part of our everyday lives. What is Artificial Intelligence and how can itRead More

The Hidden Costs of Working From Home

Working from home (“WFH”) has become a standard part of the workplace environment over the last two years or so. While there are advantages to the organisation and individuals, there are direct and hidden costs associated with it, costs which a business needs to be aware of. One such isRead More

5 Key Uses of Thin Clients in the Cloud

Because of cost pressures, many organisations have moved their IT infrastructure to cloud computing technologies. The cloud can be a private cloud, created and managed internally by the organisation, a public cloud, perhaps hosted on infrastructure maintained by a managed services provider, or a hybrid cloud having elements of both.Read More

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