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Top 3 challenges in Cloud Computing and How to Overcome them

Cloud Computing is the latest flavor of the month to hit IT.  It has distinct advantages in catering for digital migration and the needs of mobile warriors. It copes easily with the needs and demands of the latest data centre technologies, and positions the organization to take full advantage ofRead More

5 Benefits of Server Virtualisation

Servers have come a long way since the early days.  The are now concentrated in server farms, processing Big Data and causing managers headaches with their management, including their power consumption needs. The advance of technology has, in general, meant that the physical size of servers has reduced but atRead More

Flat Backup vs Backup Less, What is the Difference?

Backup/Restore is the Cinderella of the ICT world. Not as glamorous as network security, not as rock-star as leading-edge implementations of cloud technologies, it is still an absolutely vital part of any normal operational routine. We have moved on from the days of total versus incremental backup strategies, driven mainlyRead More

How Managed Cloud Services helps Small and Medium Business

How Managed Cloud Services helps Small and Medium Business

The Head of IT in any business large or small, is under continuous pressure.  There is continual downward pressure on budgets, coupled with pressure from senior executives to embrace new technologies and increase the range of services offered to current and prospective customers.  In short, do more with less. OneRead More

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