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Why Two or More Monitors are Better When Working

It has been possible to use more than one monitor on a desktop device since its inception.  Additional monitor hardware cards and software/screen switches allowed at least two monitors per desktop unit. Laptops routinely have an additional monitor port, and software apps allow full-size monitors to be used with smartRead More

3 Tips in Planning Your IT Budget Ahead of Time

The IT function is under more pressure today than ever. The shape of business is changing, resulting in demands for new and improved IT facilities. These include support for remote working, increased information and systems security and perhaps a move to an e-commerce cloud base. Simply put, this has meantRead More

Hybrid Working: Choosing the Right Software for Your Team

Changes were gradually happening in the workplace in the early 2020s. Remote access to systems was increasing, due in the main to e-commerce and to an extent social media and chatbots as a communications channel in customer support. This all dramatically changed towards the end of the second decade. TheRead More

4 Steps to Ensure IT Efficiency

IT is under increasing pressure as never before to do more with less. Budgets are static and often cut. Network security is taking up more and more resources, and the range and frequency of threats increases. At the same time, they are under pressure to increase the range of servicesRead More

Investing in cyber security for your business, is it worth it?

We read every day about new cyber exploits, large businesses have been hacked and financial information stolen, political parties have their websites defaced, fake news is proliferating, ID theft is seemingly rampant.  Our corporate and domestic email inboxes are filled with spammed rubbish. Politicians, corporate board members and individuals ensureRead More

Four Tried-And-Tested Tips In Selecting An IT Support Company

Many companies, particularly the smaller ones either can’t afford or don’t need full-time in-house ICT support. The smaller usually hope that their systems keep operating and call in support when they don’t, or the wiser ones have a support contract with an IT Support Company to provide periodic and on-callRead More

How can managed service providers protect their clients against ransomware

How can managed service providers protect their clients against ransomware

One of the greatest fears of a Managed Service Provider is the possibility of a malware attack on their servers. A loss or theft of data or a loss of service could put an end to their business. The best approach to mitigating the risk of a malware attack isRead More

Tips on How to be Productive when Working From Home

The concept of substituting a desk in a communal office with a desk at home has gained significant momentum in recent years.  When you are crawling along in heavy traffic or crammed into the 7.20 am commuter special,  the prospect of stumbling out of bed much later than you didRead More

How IT Outsourcing helps your company and IT Manager

How IT Outsourcing helps your company and IT Manager

Most organisations have considered outsourcing defined business functions. Candidates include legal services, HR and usually IT. The usual motivation for considering moving to Managed IT Support is that of financial pressure.  IT Heads are being asked to reduce IT support costs and at the same time to do more.   ThisRead More

IT Guide - 10 Essential Things to do before Changing Your IT Support Provider

IT Guide – 10 Essential Things to do before Changing Your IT Support Provider

There are many businesses in the marketplace that put up with bad service and high bills from IT support vendors, but who can blame them? Most companies have been using the same vendors ever since they launched the business. It seems as if the old saying “better the devil youRead More

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