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Protecting Your Business and Employees in a Remote Working World

A major effect of the pandemic has been to increase organisations’ dependence on remote access to systems and data.  This could range from a full-blown e-commerce environment replacing bricks and mortar to employees working from home, or a simple opening up of corporate systems to remote access. This fundamental changeRead More

Hybrid Working: Choosing the Right Software for Your Team

Changes were gradually happening in the workplace in the early 2020s. Remote access to systems was increasing, due in the main to e-commerce and to an extent social media and chatbots as a communications channel in customer support. This all dramatically changed towards the end of the second decade. TheRead More

5 Ways UCaaS Helps Hybrid Work From Home

Two seismic shifts in the workplace have happened over the last two or three years, both related to the pandemic. The first, driven by lockdowns was a move to work-from-home and remote working.  The second was a move to e-commerce as businesses saw foot-traffic fall away as malls and retailRead More

The Hidden Costs of Working From Home

Working from home (“WFH”) has become a standard part of the workplace environment over the last two years or so. While there are advantages to the organisation and individuals, there are direct and hidden costs associated with it, costs which a business needs to be aware of. One such isRead More

5 Key Uses of Thin Clients in the Cloud

Because of cost pressures, many organisations have moved their IT infrastructure to cloud computing technologies. The cloud can be a private cloud, created and managed internally by the organisation, a public cloud, perhaps hosted on infrastructure maintained by a managed services provider, or a hybrid cloud having elements of both.Read More

7 Things You Ought to Know about Platform Engineering

The rise of Cloud Computing, and the desire of many organisations to move to a Cloud-Based platform, often in a hurry, has created the concept of platform engineering. It is particularly relevant when an organisation needs to migrate legacy systems to a cloud platform.   The obvious follow-up question isRead More

3 Challenges of Public Cloud Storage and How to Overcome Them

Cloud computing solutions are becoming increasingly popular for operational and cost reasons. The pandemic has caused many businesses to move to remote access and working from home environment, and often to an online e-commerce existence. There are two types of cloud, public and private. A public cloud moves the clientRead More

Multi-cloud Strategy: How Does It Work and Is It Trustworthy?

One of the latest buzzphrases in IT is Multi-Cloud. Or perhaps Multicloud – a debate is raging about the correct spelling.   However it is spelt, is an implementation of Cloud Computing that is gaining traction as Cloud technologies become more commonplace and cost-effective. What is Multi-Cloud? Simply put, a multi-cloudRead More

What Is Cloud Computing? How Does ‘The Cloud’ Work?

One of the major IT innovations in recent times has been the explosion in the use of Cloud Solutions. The Cloud – A Definition Traditionally, organisations hosted their computer systems in a data centre on their premises. Over time, it became more cost-effective to achieve economies of scale by outsourcingRead More

What Is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?

Many businesses are using Cloud Solutions today. They use it to host their operational systems and as a repository for data, including backups.  One popular Cloud Solution for organisations operating their systems in their data centre is managing off-site backups. It’s not just businesses. Home users can back up theirRead More

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