About Us

The IT landscape is a very large and confusing landscape, and it is easy to become lost or distracted when searching for pertinent information. Our website is intended to provide you with help in sifting the wheat from the chaff.  We do so by enabling a platform for experienced IT specialists on current and future developments in IT.  Equally, those new to ICT will use their skills and experience to plan how they intend to meet their organisation’s future Information Technology requirements.

Broadly speaking the site and associated blog is segmented into special interest areas – infrastructure, hardware and software, with specialist areas in each, for example security devices and software.   Regular columns will spark interest and discussion among experts and newbies alike.

We challenge our community to look at IT from conventional and unconventional and out of the box viewpoints.  Straight from the shoulder conversations and reviews from our experts come from years of experience in the ICT and business environments.  The simplest question from a newbie might spark a discussion leading to a new way to approach an IT issue.

We need a variety of authors to keep our site new and fresh.  If you feel you can contribute a column or blog article, please contact our editors. We appreciate and value your contributions.

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