7 Signs That Your IT Support Provider Is Doing the Right Job

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Considering how we rely on various software, online stores, and different gadgets to do our jobs, it is only reasonable that we keep those assets well-protected and running efficiently. Therefore, if you want your website to be responsive and live, if you want collaborative platforms, and fully functional equipment, you should see to it that your IT support provider does a good job.

Due to the high level of reliance on technology, the demand on the market for IT support in London has also increased. As a result, many industries have started outsourcing IT support services to various different companies.

In medicine, sales, travel industry, almost everything we do know depends on functionality of our equipment, thus a reliable IT support provider is essential. The following article will give seven examples, or seven elements of quality IT support in London that is to help you tell if they are doing the right job.

  1. Everything functions properly
    Everything related to IT functions properly
    The first sign your IT support services have done a good job, is that everything works fine. Meaning that the equipment or the software you are using is not showing glitches or errors, and you do not have to contact your IT guy frequently. Of course, this does not mean that IT support will do their job once and will never be needed again. Sooner or later, machines start to malfunction, and various data inputs may cause errors, so the need for repairs will surely arise.To sum up, if you can do your job without any hindrance due to technology, it means you have done a good job at picking your IT support services. However, this is only one aspect of IT support, it still does not mean it is ideal, since there are more criteria based on which their performance is judged.
  2. Your employees know how to use the software.
    Even if everything is fully functional, and if the tools or software you have obtained can deliver on its promises, it still does not imply one hundred percent quality. User friendliness is something that is truly valuable nowadays, because tools are not useful, if the users or customers do not know how to use them. If your entire team needs to complete an entire training program, before they can adequately use equipment or a certain software, then these are only additional IT support costs. If you are purchasing someone services, see if there is a free trial period, so that you can evaluate whether their offer is something that meets your demands.
  3. IT support reacts in a timely manner
    IT support reacts in a timely manner
    Here is one of the more important aspects of the quality IT support services. As mentioned before, things eventually go south, your tools start to malfunction and you will need an IT intervention. The response time and their efficiency on the field is what really makes them competent. Since we rely so much on technology, errors and bugs can put us out of commission, and as long as we are unable to perform our jobs, we are basically losing resources.The main goal of IT support is to act swiftly and reduce the company’s downtime to as low as possible. The sooner you are able to recover and get back on track, the better. Of course, this is not only connected to the efficiency of IT support, but also determined based on the severity of the problem. However, truly reliable IT support in London will have a well-laid-out disaster recovery plan. In other words, the IT support personnel should know what to do even in the worst case scenario, in order to minimise a client’s losses.
  4. Good portfolio.
    When we are speaking about doing the right job, the portfolio should always be an indicator of how competent someone is. All of the IT support services usually present their positive user reviews and list out the most famous clients they had the pleasure of collaborating with.So, if you see names like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco or something similar, it is safe to say the people you are about to contact know what they are doing. However, with a greater level of competence and security there is a chance of increased IT support costs, so consider this aspect of the service as well.
  5. Regular maintenance
    IT Support provides regular maintenance
    Good IT support doesn’t wait for things to go south, they send their IT support professional to check up on your equipment, update your system and perform regular maintenance in general. With regular maintenance, they can ensure your equipment lasts longer and has stable performance, meaning that you are less likely to experience a malfunction, and will be able to continue working unobstructed.Moreover, with regular maintenance your PCs will run faster, because unused programs will be uninstalled, there will be more storage space etc.
  6. Good problem-solving skills.
    One of the essential elements of any quality IT support in London is problem-solving skills. Basically, your tech support needs to know how to identify a problem as soon as possible, then they need to know what to prioritise and, lastly, how to act with maximum efficiency. This skill is just as important as good reaction times because it reduces the amount of downtime your company can have in the event of a technical issue.
  7. Detailed status reports.
    Finally, a good IT support guy doesn’t simply do his job and leaves. If he knows what the root of the problem is, he should explain it, and tell everyone how to prevent it from occurring again. If they remain silent and just wait for the same problem to occur so that they can charge you, then they are basically taking advantage of you, which is not really nice.To sum up, these were the seven signs of a quality IT support provider. In case your current IT support services do not meet these criteria, feel free to search for another provider. Look for someone who is responsive, willing to help, and who genuinely cares for the equipment and well-being of your company.
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